Monday, September 12, 2011

The Most Sensational, Inspirational, Celebrational, Muppetational Baby Shower Ever

Yaaaaaay! It's here, as promised. My Muppets week!

I had some posts of my semi-secret Muppet projects a while back, but now that nothing is a semi-secret (or a full blown secret) anymore, I can share everything on the blog!

Some dear friends of mine recently adopted an absolutely beautiful baby girl, and to celebrate the occasion, I and my two co-hostesses, Wendy and Lahari, threw the three of them a family-friendly, feastly, and festive Muppet Show-themed Welcome Home Extravaganza.

Needless to say, this is not your typical baby shower. We nixed the diaper games, the pastel decor, and the standard "ladies only" policy and decided to go for something that was more family celebratory, yet entertaining and kooky with something for everyone: the ladies, the gents, the kiddos, the singletons, the marrieds, the DINKs, the moms, the dads, the babies, and the rest.

Plus, there were Muppets.

I learned many things working whilst working on this project:

1) Baby showers are so much more fun when the baby is present for it! I vote that welcoming parties or showers should become a new baby standard.

2) Although the Muppet Show crew are scarce when it comes to pre-fab party ideas (though I predict that might, and I stress might, change with the upcoming new Muppet movie), there is a treasure trove of inspirational source material. I wish we had 3 times as much time to pull this together, because I easily had 3 times as many ideas, plans, and sketches! And they would've all been AWESOME! Which leads me to number 3...

3) I will always suffer from the affliction that makes me come up with far too many intricate, involved, and cool ideas to possibly accomplish for one event. Sigh! *tear*

And so today's post predominantly features pictures of our various Muppet munchies (and signage). We split party responsibilities amongst the three hostesses, so I cannot take credit for everything you see here. Lahari and Wendy were totally co-hostesses with the mostesses and just as responsible as I for pulling this all off.

The three of us quickly learned that the most fun thing about hosting a Muppet party was thinking up the menu items and names. Our spread included:

Rainbow Connection Fruit Skewers - This idea came from my childhood recollection of Rainbow Fruit Sticks from The Care Bears' Party Cookbook (my first cookbook!), and I paired an arch of rainbowed fruits with a Kermit portrait in apple I found here.

Scooter's Savory Stagehand Snacks - A cheddar based cheese ball was a perfect material for sculpting Scooter's head, with cracker ears, baby carrot hair, mozzarella eyes, eggplant glasses, and a red pepper mouth.

We had to use chopped black olives for Scooter's and Kermit's pupils, as I forgot all my alternatives at home (halved black olives, or raisins, or black beans...I was prepared, until I forgot about them all!).

Statler & Waldorf's Curmedgeon Crudités with Quip Dip - your standard veggie tray, but with a name that's a bit more befitting of their reputation.

• Pigs (In Space) In A Blanket - Pigs in a Blanket are a no brainer when it comes to Muppet foods, but we opted for a tribute to one of our favorite Muppet Show sketches with"Pigs (In Space) In A Blanket" over the tad bit more morbid "Miss Piggy in a Blanket."

• The Swedish Chef's Meatballs
- A Muppet meal must have. Bork, bork, bork! Unfortunately, I forgot to snap a picture.

• Beaker's Breakfast Tacos
- - I had plans for this one that did not meet fruition, but that didn't stop everyone from scarfing down breakfast tacos! I reckon we are in Texas, after all. You can never go wrong with breakfast tacos. Although the photo did not turn out, they were available with "Meep, Meep, Meat" and "No Meep, Meep, Meat" for the veggie eaters.

• Gar-Gonzo Bean Salad - I've always pictured Gonzo when I heard the word "garbanzo"anyway, so I figured why not? Garbanzo beans are just as weird as Gonzo, but I'm guessing they taste better.

• Miss Piggy's White Gloved Finger Sandwiches - These delicate finger sandwiches were settled amongst some cool toy rings that sparkled in Miss Piggy pink and purple. Unfortunately, the picture was far too blurry for posting (why didn't I get my new birthday camera just a little bit early!?! GAH!).

• Rowlf's Rockin' Pops - My friend and co-hostess, Wendy (who, by the by, also made all the signage), is the master of these Muppety cake pops, which were delicious chocolate cake dipped in a chocolate coating with Tootsie Roll ears, a crumb coating, and white chocolate eyes.

She even made a cool tiered custom display for them (which, unfortunately, my camera decided to take crud pictures of)!

• Dr. Teeth's Secret Stash - Of course Dr. Teeth has a secret stash. Of candy.

• Fozzie's Bear-y Peanut Butter Cookies - This tweak of a Joy of Cooking peanut butter cookie recipe that I found on was just perfect for Fozzie cookies!

Though I admit, I made a couple of tweaks myself. I used dark brown sugar for the cookies to get the coloring more bear-ish, and added some pink jelly beans, white candy shelled chocolate bits (with help from a food coloring marker), Tootsie rolls, and strawberry fruit leather to complete the look of the Fozzie-fied cookies.

• Animals' Hairballs
- More macaroons! Last year they were Tauntaun Bonbons, this year with the help of a little pink food coloring, they are Animal's Hairballs. And they make the perfect Animal fur with their orange-tinged-pink effect when you get them golden around the edges! Taking a cue from this Animal pasta dish, I used black licorice, a Twizzler, gum drops, black jelly beans, a red lollipop and halved Chiclet-esque gum to round out this sweet portrait.

• Sam the Eagle's All American Patriot Beer (And Some Other Beer From Some Not-So-Great Countries) - The beer took no special preparation other than a offering a cooler full of various domestic and foreign beers, but I do love the very Sam Eagle-y title to it all.

• Electric Mayhemosas - Mimosas are a must amongst my circle of friends, and they're even more of a must if the Electric Mayhem is involved.

• Dr. Bunsen Honeydew's Punch Potion, or if you have some dry ice handy, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew's Exploding Punch - Our initial plans involved getting some dry ice, but, yeah...that ended up not happening.

But it didn't stop the punch from disappearing!

All that AND a homemade sour cream pound cake rainbow cake with buttercream icing?!?! YaaaAAAaaay!

Whew! What a post. And yes, there's even more Muppets to come (with tutorials), so be sure to check back tomorrow!

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Lauren said...

Oh. My. GOSHHHH!!!!
This post is absolutely amazing! The colours, the labels, the theme! Perfect! By far one of the coolest things I have seen in agggges!!!

alicia policia said...

Thanks, Lauren! I'm so glad you like it!

ashley @ the 29th floor said...

what a cute party idea!!

Katie said...

I have never seen anything so unique in my life. This blows any "themed" party ideas from published books on entertaining away. You are talented beyond words and deserve your own book.

By the way, if you're wondering who I am, I knew you years and years ago in Jacksonville when we were little kids. My sisters and I attended St. Joseph's (I remember your brother) and my mother knew yours. You and I used to play in the gym too. Just in case you were curious!

I adore your blog and your work. I wish I had an ounce of your creativity!

Eliza said...
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Fantastic Toys said...

Wow everything you made is so amazing!!

Amy @ Living Locurto said...

This is absolutely amazing! Great job and I'll sure to feature, link back and tell my readers. They'll love it.

ko said...

Would you consider sharing the files for the tags that you made? My daughter would love to have a muppet birthday like this!

PEACHES said...

Blows. My. Mind.

I can't find your email address so I'm going to use the comment section...Question; Alicia, would you mind if I posted a feature on this on my blog next week? I'm doing a string of Muppet posts and this is beyond, I don't even know! Anyway, I would love to feature a few key snapshots of this amazing party (and maybe send some traffic your way too). Hope that is alright with you --let me know otherwise.


Jill @ said...

Wow...very creative! The cheese ball is my favorite. Just shared this on our Fun Finds Friday...

Beth @ Hungry Happenings said...

What an amazing spread of food for your Muppet party. I'm sure your guests went crazy when they saw everything. I especially love the Fozzy bear cookies and your cheeseball. Fantastic.

Anonymous said...

OMG. this is amazing. You are so creative. do you have your printableas available as downloads and recipes? I would love to use your ideas for a party of my own. Maybe not a baby shower, but I'd love to use some of your ideas.
marilyn2222 @

PS I saw your stuff on Craft Gossip!

Joelle said...

Please be my new best friend.

alicia policia said...

Wowee - so much Muppet love!

I don't know why it is that my email didn't ding away with comment alert emails, but for some reason, it didn't. Boo!

So please accept this delayed acceptance and appreciation of all your compliments.

As for the questions about sharing the tags, I didn't make them, but my shower co-hostess did. I'll let her know folks are asking. Perhaps she'll lend me a template.

Jenni Price said...

I'm totally in awe of this baby, so, super creative! I loved the muppets when I was a kid and it's neat to see them get some party attention :) There are so many favorites of mine from your party but I especially loved the peanut butter Fozzies!

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Love the attention to detail! I am currently planning my sister's baby shower and since she's leaning towards a muppet theme for the nursery, I'm looking to carry that theme throughout the shower, but was having a hard time finding resources. Well, no more! Job well done- and thank you for sharing it with us!!

Laura said...

Darling! How did you do the food labels?!

Tortall said...

Thank you SO much for posting this! I'm having a Muppet Mardi Gras themed wedding, and this has helped me a LOT on what I could possibly do. SUPER kudos!!!

Lainie said...

I just found your post and had to pin it on Pinterest! I am planning a Muppets baby shower for a dear friend whose is having long-awaited twins! I would even be happy to pay your friend for the Muppet templates and/or anything DIY instructional (that hasn't already been generously posted by you)to make my work easier. Are you or she interested? Please email me at if so. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Alicia! Is there any way you'd be willing to sell those menu templates? I am planning a baby shower as well and this would help us so much!!! Please let me know if you can. :) Thanks! -Emily

Anonymous said...

Hi Alicia! I am so excited to see your post. We're having a shower for a friend and she wanted a Muppet theme and we were truly stumped. I know others have asked, but is there any way to get the menu card templates or just to find out where your friend got the circle pictures that she used on them?


heavysouldarlin said...

Is there any way you would post the recipe for that pound cake/the technique behind it? I love it so much and am looking for a cake for my son's 1st muppet birthday! Thanks so much!

Unknown said...

Looking for ideas for a muppet party, I stumbled upon your blog. My gosh your creativity knows no bounds. Thanks for sharing. I love it!!

hollyshome said...

You are so talented! One of the few blogs that shows original ideas. Thanks for sharing your talents.

Alison said...

I am planning a muppet birthday party for my 2 year old daughter and your post has been inspirational! Where can I get the templates for those adorable and creative tags? How did you design them? I am a pretty creative person but I can't quite figure out how you made these so please help?

hearae said...

Alicia! This had to be the BEST baby shower I have ever seen :) Was your friend willing to share the templates for the food? My boys are turning nine and one in July and I would love to use these for their party.

AnnJanette T. said...

This is the best Muppets party I have ever seen! You are soooo creative!

Erin said...

Hi Alicia,
This party is amazing! My son is Muppet-crazy, and I am doing a Muppet Party for his 3rd birthday. Is there any way I could get the templates for the food? I would be willing to pay for them.


House of Chang said...

I love your ideas! My 2 year old wants a Muppets party for his third birthday. Did you get permission to share the tag template? It's amazing! Thanks!


Unknown said...

I love everything on this page!! So creative! I was wondering if I could possibly get the templates you used for the food cards in the pictures. They are awesome!! It's for my son's first birthday party. Let me know.


Unknown said...

This is amazing! And has inspired me so much for the baby shower I am throwing my best friend in March! Thank you for sharing this! I, as well, would love to use the template for the food cards if you are willing to share!

Thanks so much in advance.

Sharon Coker

Anonymous said...

Hi Alicia, my sister is a Muppet MANIAC and I am planning to do this for her shower. I would love to have the table cards for the buffet. Saw there were others interested too. Are those templates available for purchase? They are just TOO perfect!
Thanks so much, Erin Park

Heather Haigh said...

Getting started on this one right now! I was so excited to see this tutorial, because a pinata without a bat is just ingenious! :) I'll try to come back and post a pic of the finished product. Hopefully it will resemble yours.

Cindy deRosier said...

We've featured the Scooter appetizer over at Fun Family Crafts!

Thank you for sharing your amazing ideas!

Unknown said...

I want to make it all!!!