Saturday, May 4, 2013

May the Fourth Be With You!

I always tell myself I'll remember to make a special Star Wars post for May the Fourth. You know, because I love Star Wars, and it's kinda become requisite for Star Wars fans to do so.

And I always, without fail, end up forgetting to get one up in a timely manner. That's just how I work.

The Leia of Guadalupe sketches started out as an idea for Star Wars Day (May the Fourth), but I ended up posting it years after I originally thought of it and sketched it out. Procrastination, thy name is Alicia.

But this year, I did it! Hurrah!

I present to you my own version of Boushh Leia. Leia disguised as the bounty hunter, Boushh, was my favorite Leia version when growing up.  I used to pretend I was Leia rescuing Han from his carbonite prison, guiding him through Jabba's palace to safety because he was all blind and helpless. Everyone was threatened by my thermal detonator. It was pretty awesome.

And my Boushh Leia figure was my favorite. First off, it was mine!  Not my brothers'!* Secondly: she had a helmet. And action figures with removable helmets were the best.

So here's to Star Wars! Here's to Leia! And here's to the many merry memories this fairy tale space saga has given all of us! May the force be with you.

* I was born in 1980, so although there was Star Wars stuff present throughout my life, none of it got to be officially mine until Jedi. Before then I was stuck with playing with the toys of my older brothers.
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