Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tea Party – In Space!

Space tea is probably better than Tang, I'd imagine.

I've been trying to push myself to make some more art. Art, art, art, improve, improve, improve. Time for new stuff, and lots of it. And I came up with this. And I happen to think it's adorable!

My favorite part: How did that cookie get a bite out of it?  Hmmm...

I even made a postcard of it, and had the pleasure of recently doling out those postcards at the SCBWI Houston conference, where I:

• Met awesome, friendly, cool, and incredibly talented writers and illustrators from all around. Seriously wonderful people, they are.

• Won a door prize in the raffle! I never win anything in those things.

• Learned a lot from incredible guest speakers like Peter Brown, Paul Rodeen, and Lucy Ruth Cummins

• And last but certainly not least, I won first place in the illustrator portfolio showcase! Hooray!

I was so shocked and surprised when my name was announced that I actually did the double hands-to-my-face-in-surprise move that everyone uses whilst mocking beauty pageant contestants. It was a totally involuntary reflex, I promise.

All this has added up to lighting a big ol' inspiring fire under my illustratin' behind. Way to inspire, y'all!

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