Monday, March 18, 2013

Won't You Be My Neighbor? It's Mister Rogers Week!

The title of this post sort of says it all! I'm declaring this week Mister Rogers week in honor of one of my personal heroes and an inspiration to generations, Fred McFeely Rogers.

This Wednesday, March 20th, would have been Mister Rogers' 85th birthday. 2013 also happens to be the ten year anniversary of when the world lost this brilliant, kind, and caring man, friend, and neighbor.

I figured I would do what I do to celebrate his life and work, and that means making artsy and craftsy Mister Rogers related goodness. Look for something new every day until Friday!

Today I made this card featuring Trolley and one of Mister Rogers' favorite sayings (and one of my fav songs of his, too!), "You are special."

And it goes just swell with my trolley collection (of two)!

Which reminds me of something I like to say every now and again..

Dear friends, readers, and neighbors, you are special. You are special to me. I thank you all for reading this blog and hope that you remember, in the words of Mister Rogers, that " make each day special just by your being you."

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