Friday, March 22, 2013

Mister Rogers Hand Puppet

It's the last day of my Mister Rogers Week, and so I thought it fitting that today's project be based on the man himself.

I give you the Fred Rogers fleece and felt hand puppet!  Ta-daa! He's just hanging in his television neighbor's garden on this beautiful day in the neighborhood.

He opted to wear one of his older sweaters, from the pre-zipper sweater days (because I did not have any zippers, but I have plenty of buttons!).

I know, I know - I made finger puppets just yesterday.  But I had to make a Mister Rogers hand puppet so I could do this...

So adorable! Puppet Mister Rogers is a puppeteer for finger puppet Henrietta and finger puppet X!

And he is the perfect size to hang out with beloved neighborhood crazy lady and museum owner, Lady Elaine Fairchilde.

Who, by the way, is one weird looking lady, no?  I've always wondered, where on earth did they get her puppet? Or alternatively, who decided that sculpt was the way to go for any puppet, anywhere?

I reckon it worked though, because I love her and the entire crew of the Neighborhood of Make Believe (in part because they are so different from any other puppets I've seen in real life).

But above all the endearing puppets and cast members (Lady Aberlin!) I love my television neighbor, Mister Rogers.

Thank you for planting so much kindness, understanding, fun, music, curiosity, ideas, and learning in the garden of my mind and in countless gardens in countless minds of generations of children and families over the years, Mister Rogers.

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TL said...

What a wonderful week of creativity! Your Mister Rogers puppet is wonderful and I will certainly be sharing this with readers of!

alicia policia said...

Thank you, TL! I would love to share the fruits of my Mister Rogers Week labors with other Mister Rogers fans. : )