Wednesday, March 20, 2013

King Friday XIII Cake

Happy birthday, Mister Rogers! Or as King Friday the XIII might say, "Felicitous anniversary of your birth, Mister Fred McFeely Rogers!"

You know, because he's all into long words and all (perhaps some of you do not know that about King Friday, but trust me, it's true).

Today's homage to my favorite television neighbor is a portrait of King Friday XIII. In cake form! Because today is Mister Rogers' actual birthday, and I thought a birthday cake was in order.

I tapped into my inner Chef Brockett and baked up this yellow cake recipe from Smitten Kitchen, cut the single sheet cake into the shape of King Friday surveying the Neighborhood of Make Believe from his castle, and then iced it in buttercream on super cool retro cake foil, adding some candy jewels (foil and jewels found at Make It Sweet!) to his majesty's wardrobe as a final touch.

My inner critic thinks that on technical side of things, I can do better, cake wise. 

But in my heart, I love, love, love it, just the way it is! Take that, inner critic!

I like to think Mister Rogers would've loved it too.

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