Thursday, March 21, 2013

Henrietta Pussycat and X the Owl Finger Puppets

Meow meow introduce meow friends and neighbors meow Henrietta Pussycat meow X the Owl!

Sorry about all the meows, but one cannot resist a chance to use Henrietta Pussycat speak when one has the opportunity.

I LOVE today's entry for Mister Rogers Week, as one can tell by my all caps, bold, italicized, and underlined typing of the word "love."

X and Hen were always my favorite Neighborhood of Make Believe characters. I liked how they would get in fights, but always eventually made up. I liked X's goofy southern accent and Henrietta's somehow understandable meow speak. I liked that they lived in a tree and that they would visit each others houses.

And is there anything on this earth as cool looking as X the Owl? I mean, even his name is cool.

Also, they are an owl and a cat. So of course I automatically loved them at first sight.

I made these adorable little puppets with felt, fabric glue, and a little bit of thread, craft paint, and lace on Henrietta. Once again, I kinda free-handed the designs (whilst looking at my references), so no pattern pieces, sketches, or tutorials this time.

I have to say, I think they may be my favorite thing I've made in recent history. Or as X might say, I sure do think they are nifty galifty!

But again, how could I not love them?  They're X and Henrietta!
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