Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Bun-Bun Fun

It's Spring time, bun-bun-bunny time, folks!

If you're like me, that means it's time to alter your mouse softie pattern into a bunny pattern and have some fun stitching some buns-buns...

...and some bun-bun bums. They are very cute and fleecey.

These bunnies are about twice as big as the mice, and instead of round ears and a long tail, they have long ears and a round tail. And I think they're cute.

Looks the bun-bun-bunnies arrived just in time to "spring" up the decor of ye olde Alicia Policia homestead for the arrival of Easter Sunday this weekend. Keeee-yoot!*

*That's excited-ese for "cute," y'all.
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