Thursday, February 28, 2013

Old Habits

Old habits die hard, isn't that what they say?

My old habit? Making art whilst sprawled out on the floor.

It's a life long habit I've had. I can't break it. I have done it ever since I can remember. If it was not on the floor, then it was on a bed.  I had a pretty small bedroom growing up, and most of my sketching and art making happened whilst lying belly down on a bed due to the lack of space. And it stuck.

Sometimes my adult self tries to be refined and mature and paint at an inclined desk, an easel, a table, or even whilst sitting in a chair.  So Fancy!

But you know what? Nothing feels as good to me as lying down on the floor with a good feather pillow. I feel like that's when I really let myself fall into art making.

Besides, it's not like I paint mature and refined subjects anyway (Why, hello, ice cream scooping  cat!)...

So, here's closing out Ferbruary (sorry for the lack of posts - life stuffs, you know?) with a work in progress.

It's been a crazy 2013 thus far, but I'm aching to get back into the swing of everything...Back to a clean studio, back to art making, painting (Golly, does the smell of real, actual paitn make me happy!), and back to losing myself to other worlds while sprawled out on the floor like osme five year old.

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentimey (Bleh)

Despite being first introduced to the idea of Doctor Who almost twenty years ago now (thanks, Kirk Damato), I've only  just now begun watching it. Crazy, eh?

Hence I had Daleks on the brain when I drew this up today.

Time has been very fast-going around these parts lately (sooooooo busy, life is!), so I only just squeezed in this holiday themed...doodle? Sketch? I dunno what to call it. Bleh.

Let's call it a rough, because I like the idea, but I am none too happy with my lazy and slipshod execution.

But then again, today has been kind of a lazy and slipshod Valentine's day, so there you go? I figure I like it better when artists show some of thier misses as well as their hits, and I would consider this a miss myself (execution wise, at least). Some other day I will do it over and better and like it more. So, here's looking at more geekery in (better) drawing form in the near future.

As for now, don't be a dalek, and have a very Happy Valentine's Day! Pin It