Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hello, Mr. 2013!

Greetings, from the first post of the New Year! So I guess this is when I usually post a cute little picture of some doodle I did of this year's digits, and then talk about my goals for the year?  Ok then. Let's do it!

When I went to my sketchbook to draw something up for my "It's 2013!" post, this is what came out... 

...An old timey guy with a scar on his cheek and a severe haircut. Not a cutesy girl. Not a baby New Year. Not a cat. Huh. Looks like things are already changing up a bit. And (one of) my resolution(s) is that I'll embrace it.

So, here's Mr. Year 2013! I like him. Although, when I look at him, I can't help but think of how uncomfortable my subconscious is with this odd-numbered year. Either that, or my subconscious is being affected by watching too much Boardwalk Empire...

What do I hope to do this year?

To Do in 2013

1. Keep up the good work. All the goals that I succeeded in keeping from last year (which was a good majority, actually!) – keep doing them. Those changes have become sort of habit by now, but I need to make sure I don't trade my good habits back in for the bad ones.

2. Draw! Draw, draw, draw.  I must draw more. All the time. Try to draw everyday. Try to draw all types of things. Draw, draw, draw.

3. Be braver. In my work, in my life, in what I do.

4. Keep the inspiration coming. What does this mean? it means stop being an old fart. It means explore new worlds through books, film, music, art, etc. I feel like I've gotten into a rut - I like what I like, but it's time to make sure I seek out new worlds and inspiration that I might not typically seek out.

5. Join Actually, this is part of goal number 4. I learned about on the last day of 2012 - it's a challenge to folks to read 50 books and watch 50 movies in the new year.  I have yet to formally sign up (they are working on revamping their site for 2013), but I have already started my Pinterest board to keep track.

I think I'm going to tack onto that goal (of reading 50 new books and watching 50 new movies in 2013) to also listen to 50 new-to-me albums (no best of's or compilations, but real, actual albums) since my favorite music has always been a big source of inspiration in my artwork.

6. Write more letters. Real ones. Sent via snail mail. Everyone loves getting real mail, and old letters are a joy to find and read over and over again.

7. Experiment with media. I used to do this all the time. Now my printing press is collecting dust, my oil palette is all dried up and cracked from non-use, and my pastels are turning to dust. Why waste space on all of these supplies and materials if I never use them? Right. So, use it, or lose it. Experiment. Try new things. Which brings me to...

8. Embrace change. Change happens to everything. It is a good thing. Embrace it.  Go with the flow.

Aaaand, that's all I got. For now, anyway.

Thus, I will gladly embrace the change you bring, Mr. Year 2013. Even though you are a bit scary with your scar and your severe haircut and your perturbed expression, you are new, and you are change, and that part of it all is exciting.

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