Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tree Trimming Treats: Pinterest Pretzel Bites

Tonight, it's tree trimming night at our little casita. Hooray! Typically, this means we forego a normal night's dinner in favor of treats and tidbits to munch throughout the tree trimming tasks, err, festivities. It helps that we like to wash it all down with a nice mulled wine. Mmmm! Mulled wine!

This year, I decided to give these very-popular-on-Pinterest-pretzel-plus-candy snacks a try (they're so popular in fact, that lots of the pins of them are spam, so be careful what you pin! The link above takes you to the actual blog post I referenced).

They look simple and yummy enough, right? But we all know that sometimes, well, Pinterest just flat out lies.

Not so this time. It worked!

They consist of pretzzel squares (some pinners show them with pretzel rings, but they did not have pretzel rings at the store to which I went), Hershey's Hugs or Kisses topped with an M&M (actually, mine are topped with Hershey-ets which I didn't know existed, but I like they they are blank on both sides, unlike M&Ms which have M's printed on them). There's another variation of Rolos topped with pecans to make a turtle of sorts, but I made them the same way.

I heated my oven to 200ºF, and baked the candy topped pretzels for about 4 minutes (until just melty). I then plopped the candy or pecans on top – I had to push them down on the Kisses and Rolos, but the Hugs just spread easily on their own as soon as I dropped the candy on top.

Except, with the second batch I made the Hugs had a kind of a light bleemus (a bit of a skin) to them, which did not make for as pretty a treat.  Maybe I should have left them in there a few seconds more for a smidge more melt? I popped them in the fridge for abit after they had cooled off to help set them.

And I will say they are kinda difficult to handle. Maybe it's my big ol' hands or something, but a cookie spatula or the like would be great for moving them around. Those pretzels just love to slip out from your fingers (and thus ruin your perfectly melted chocolate).

They were pretty good! My husband and I liked the Hugs version the best, and we were split on whether we preferred the Rolos or the Kisses next best (me = Rolos! him = Kisses!).

I think I would still prefer some home made candied pecans, brittle, or cookies instead, but these are good for munching.

Plus, it's the easiness of it all is so very appealing.  And they're festive besides!

And one needs festive snacks when digging out festive faces such as this one for the year.  So!  Excited! For! Tree time!

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