Monday, December 10, 2012

Family Tradition Time: DIY Christmas Cards

Time to make the Christmas cards!

It's already December 10th! That means I need to hurry up and decide what this year's Christmas card is going to be, but sometimes that decision can be torturous. I thought on all it all day yesterday, and I have (virtually) nothing. Even looking upon my collection of previous years' cards for ideas and inspiration has left me blank.

I reckon one could tell me to just take it easy and just go print up a photo card with a ready made template at the store/pharmacy/whatever. To them, I say, "No!" Sure, that's cool for other folks, but I must draw and make my own Christmas cards.

Why?  Well, 1) I'm an artist, so I kinda have to draw my own, right? and most importantly, 2) it's a family tradition going back decades and decades (well back into the 50's that we can tell) that I will not allow myself to be the first one to break by not drawing my own card.

A smattering of my previous Christmas Cards

So, of course, I draw my own cards. As my mother did before me. And my grandmother did before her. And as I hope at least one hypothetical child I might have of mine own might do after me.

Cards drawn by my Mama, colored by little ol' me back in the day

See, I even dredged up a couple of the cards from my childhood that I "helped" color in. Look how cute they are! That's a drawing of my brothers and ours dogs and little me, in case you couldn't tell, (anda card featuring some Christmas mice, also drawn by my mama). I love how I colored in our shaggy mutt, Med-Med. Cute!

Anyway...I should just be thankful that I don't have to hand color all of my cards like my mom did. Or hand trace them all on a homemade lightbox like both she and my grandmother did before the time of Xerox. Or, even harder yet, hand carve multiple linoleum blocks for a multi-colored print! How did they do it!?!?

Ok, so maybe I shouldn't think of deciding on my Christmas card design as torturous.  I have it pretty easy what with my fancy dancy home printer and all.  And I know from my family's multi-generational knowledge that sometimes Christmas card inspiration ccomes to you at the very last minute.

Besides, I am more than happy to keep up the tradition!

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Anonymous said...

We just got ours! I love it!!! One of your best -- Love, Mack, Laura, Denver, and Gib