Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Last Minute Kitchen Cleaning

This is my first year hosting a Thanksgiving with anyone other than my husband and myself at our own home (usually we head to other folks' homes or it's just the two of us).

And it so happens that this time of year is notoriously busy, busy, busy for me. Like, for reals.

Thus, I am in a frenzy cleaning up the house, especially the kitchen, mere hours before our guests arrive.

But that frenzied cleaning won't stop me from taking a minute to walk down nostalgia lane when a tidying up of my recipes yields these cake sketches.

Awww, my Hank cake sketches! How thorough! And my super detailed thought process* that resulted in the Wampa cake!

So if you ever wondered how I go about planning and decorating a cake, somewhere between these two sketches lies your answer.

Ok, back to cleaning now.  There're pies to be made!


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Maid Service Austin said...

Brilliant thoughts Alicia. Thanks for sharing your story. I love it. Hope you're able to finish cleaning and had a nice Thanksgiving.