Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Acorn Wine Charms

Today's craftiness is brought to you by acorns! Again!

However, unlike yesterday, these acorns are not so great for eating (unless you're a squirrel), but they do go great with a nice bottle of wine.

A friend's recent Facebook status about types of acorns and the ensuing conversation from her friends of "What does one even do with acorns?" that followed got me thinking, "Hey, what can I do with acorns?" Hmm...

I have collected acorns and set them in a bowl to look pretty before, and when I was a child I liked to crack and smash them open just for kicks, but that's pretty much it. Otherwise I've collected scads of them (like a good little Totoro) with the intention of doing something crafty, but ultimately, they just sit there.

Until now! My recent little acorn brainstorming session led me to the idea of wine charms, which I thought would be super cute for fall parties and get-togethers.

I grabbed some neglected acorns from a couple of years ago that were already all nice and dried out and prepared for crafting. I then painted them each with a different color metallic craft paint (I know that two of them look like the same color, but one is actually brown and one is orange), made a little wire loop to poke out of their cap, and hot glued it all in place. Then I gave them a quick spray of sealant (I'm not so into the glossy look, so I used matte).

All I had left to do was to string the acorns and some beads on some small sized memory wire rings (loop one end with round nose pliers before stringing to keep your beads from slipping ofa, and then loop the second when everything is on there), and that was that.
Voila! Super cute wine glass charms for fall!

And there you go. That is what I can do with acorns.

Which is cool, because my yard is full of them. Like, super full. As in, "I think I know what I can make everyone for Christmas this year" full.

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Anonymous said...

These are adorable! But I only have pine trees in my hard. I'll send the kids out to beg for acorns from the neighbors.

alicia policia said...

You could make your children trick or treat for acorns! ; )

I, on the other hand, have no pine cones. The people here actually BUY pine cones for Christmas. Like, at the store. With money. That's craziness to a native north Floridian!

Maynard we should work out an acorns for pine ones swap...