Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cuddly Cacti

It's finally stopped feeling like summer here in Austin. Fall is almost here. Hooray! The cooler weather is such a relief. Seriously, y'all. RELIEF.

However, this whole "last days of summer" thing makes me realize two things: 1) the busiest time of the year for a craftista like myself is upon us, and 2) I only have a couple of days left to post those summer projects I've never gotten around to sharing!

I finally cleared away that pile of fabric, patterns, and scraps that has been accumulating in my studio all summer long (consequently blocking access to my computer corner, hence, it's been a while – I haven't sat at this computer in weeks!), and I'm glad to get to finally share some of the newer softies I've made.

Thus, I give you the cuddly cacti. They are soft and squishy and they turn any place into Texas (except without the actual heat and whatnot).

Check out their sweet little cactus blossoms! I'm not quite yet decided on the finishing details of my dude cacti version just yet, but know that they'll happen. Eventually.

Now let's just hope I can manage to keep my studio organized enough as we get into the full swing craziness of the fall/winter craft show season so that I can actually post what I'm working on in a timely fashion... know, so that I don't end up posting pumpkin plush for Christmas. Which, let's face it, is totally plausible.

Fingers crossed (and fabric piles cleared)! Pin It

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