Friday, August 31, 2012

For My Cousins Having Kiddos

This week, not one, but TWO of my cousins (each on my mother's side) gave birth to happy and healthy babies (one boy, and one girl), and each baby is the first grandbaby for each cousin's particular branch of the family tree.

Got that? Good!  Now, how very exciting, indeed!

My family is ecstatic for the new additions to our brood, and as such, I took the double happy occasion as an opportunity to make something new and different: baby hings!

In the past, I have made matching bats for my own baby nieces and nephews, but I've never really ventured into the wild world of Baby Things, full of booties, and rattles, and something called "taggies" (which is a word that is as unappealing in its sound to me as the word "moist" is to most folks).

Thus, I decided to make my foray into the unknown territories of Baby Things for the sake of my unborn (at the time that I made this stuff) second cousins. And here is that which I made:

I decided to make each of them a pair of baby booties, a crinkle toy, and a plush toy.

Cousin Number One received: white and yellow booties, a double-sided caterpillar crinkle toy of my own design, and, seeing the new babe will be a Georgia native, I came up with a sweet (and Southern) plush peach pattern that evolved into a rattle toy.

So cute!  I have to say, I just love how this plush peach turned out. Too bad I used up the very last of my peach fabric (that I have yet to find available anywhere again). It's a "one of a kind," as they say.

I made the felt booties using this great free pattern over at The Pearl Bee, and I added buttons from our grandmother's button stash for a little something special.

They were super easy to do. I don't do sewing of clothes, so don't know if I would have bothered to figure them out on my own without the tutorial.  Thanks, internet!

Next, I used the concept of a "taggie" *shudder* to make  a cute crinkle toy that would compliment the peach and booties, so I decided a caterpillar with the ribbon "tags" as his legs would be pretty durned cute.

I learned that sewing patchwork circles is hard, y'all.  But I still think he turned out adorable!

I even gave him french knot freckles!  Oh, and he's reversible, too...

Flip him over, and he's a sleeping caterpillar. Sweet, eh? Eh!?!?! Yeah. Pretty sweet.

I knew that Cousin Number Two had prepared an owl themed nursery for her baby, and so I used her palette and known fondness of camping and the nature to make blue and white booties, an owl crinkle toy, and a plush baby jingle ball to match.

I used this tutorial by Wee Folk Art for the ball, but I made it to match her decor with three alternating colors instead of two, and made my own woodsy designs for appliques of a star and a leaf, in addition to a flower.

I spied an owl crinkle toy come up in a friend's feed on Pinterest, and that inspired me to come up with a version of my own that would have more incorporation of the different colors, patterns, and textures.

So that sneak peek a while back on me working on something new?  Yep.  It was this owl.

And I was totally lucky in stumbling across some camping themed ribbon in the same color palette as her nursery. Perfect match!

And lastly, there was another pair of The Purl Bee baby booties, made with some more buttons from Gammon's famous button stash.

I know that Gammon would whole heartedly approve of the use of her buttons on booties for her great-grandbabies.

Soooooo, I guess My Adventure in Baby Things Making was a success. I have to say, it was fun to venture into making something completely different from what I normally make.  Kinda makes me wish I had tried out making some of this stuff for my own nieces and nephews (but I know that they love what I did make for them anyway, even if it's not categorically Baby Things, so it's ok).

And with that, I'd like to say much congrats to my cousins, their spouses, their parents, et, al - one week and two babies, wow! Pin It


Unknown said...

Alicia, you did a great job making these! You were so thoughtful in making each piece! I love them, as I'm sure Anna and Laura do too!

Tia said...

These are so cute! A little one is going to be coming into my family soon, so I might have to make some of those little booties. I mean, Auntie is cool, but she is not that great of a seamstress.

alicia policia said...

You can do it! I found the booties tutorial very easy to follow, and once you get in the swing of things, the blanket stitching is very forgiving. : )