Friday, July 20, 2012

Carry On, Lost Sketches, Carry On.

Remember how in my last post I was all, "What's up with me abandoning so many of the cute sketches in my old sketchbooks?  Why don't I ever take so many of them beyond being just a doodle in a book that gets tucked away and forgotten over the years!?!?"

Yeah. So I totally took my own advice on that for once, and this carrot carrying girl is what happened. Yay!

Whilst digging through my sketchbooks the other day, trying to find the work I did 10 years ago, I unearthed this little blurb of a girl from about 5 years ago (floating in the middle of another sketch of a kitchen). 

Awww, I remember her!  I liked her!  She was cute!  I always wanted to take her to color, but I never did, so why not now?

And that is what I did. It was fun to revive an old doodle! But it was also sort of strange to work on something from so long ago and see the little nuances here and there that have changed in how I work.

Kind of like trying to settle little nit-picks between the brain of old Alicia and the current Alicia: what I remember originally wanting to do versus what I want to do now.

It so happened that the old sketchbook she came from was also full of old Illustration Friday sketches that got started, but again, were never finished. And that led me to check out Illustration Friday for the first time in a looooooooooong time.

Lo and behold, yesterday the theme for the week was "lost" - and so I thought that fit nicely with my little lost and rediscovered sketch in a way. A non literal interpretation, sure, but still...perfect!

Alas, I did not get to posting it in time for "lost" and today the theme has changed to "carry."

Hey! She's carrying carrots! That works, too! Perfect, again.

Well, that, and I have managed to carry out some forgotten work once and for all.  And I liked it. I might have to do this some more now. Pin It


Darice said...

So glad you dug through your old sketches...and kept moving forward with her. I could gush for a while, but I'll spare you, and simply say that she is perfect! Love the line quality and colors.

Unknown said...

love the colors you chose -- she turned out great!


Love it!