Friday, June 8, 2012

Garden Villains

I normally don't consider myself a very squeamish person, really. Well, certain creatures bother me, but I'm never had anything against creepy crawlies before. Bugs be bugs.

That is until I had to pick them off of my veggies (and sometimes also destroy them) with my bare hands. Uuuuugggh! Yuckers!

It bothers me enough to have to wake up in the morning to go hunting for these stupid, nasty garden villains that I decided to draw up a li'l something for myself. And there you have it.

Let it all out, Alicia.

Here's a little backstory for you... This year, my husband and I decided to try our hand at growing up some veggies for the first time ever. I've done some yard gardening, and had plenty of potted porch plants in my apartment days. Plus, we do happen to be handy do-it-yourselfers, so working on our own little natural garden seemed like a nice co-hobby. Right?

Right! And it was. See the lovely example above of what our zucchini haul USED to be...

Until we discovered that such a thing exists as squash vine borers. And cucumber beetles. And whatever those green caterpillars that eat everything are. And lord knows how many other problems.

Now I have dreams about finding cucumber beetle eggs everywhere. Gross.

But now I also know that it can happen, which means I can (try to) prevent it, and I know what to look for and how best to treat it naturally. I will try to keep the rest of our cucurbits from a sad fate similar to their brethren, dammit!

It's like how Suzie from Viva Verde (my go-to gardening guru friend) reminded me – I might be a first time gardener, but our garden is not a first time garden (that's one reason we fell in love with our house in the first place). These nasties were just waiting for the feast to show up again, and sure enough, it did!

With that in mind I shall soldier on, and next season (or next year or what have you) I will vanquish my garden villains before they can foil my good deeds and hard work. Again. I hope...

Besides, creepy crawlies or not, veggie gardening is totally worth it. It's like sciencey magic that you get to eat!

(And if all else fails you might just see more garden pests showing up in therapeutic art doodles). Pin It

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