Friday, May 25, 2012

Geek Pride Day: Make It So

Did you know that today is Geek Pride Day? I am a geek, and proud of it!

Actually, I reckon one could say that I am a third generation geek, and proud of it...

That Spock figurine pictured above? 

That Spock once belonged to my grandfather – my Analog subscribing, aerospace engineering, Star Trek loving, every-book-in-the-world reading, rally racing, every-question-on-Jeopardy answering (correctly, I might add), much loved grandfather, Potodd.

One of my many inherited geek-proud pleasures is my enjoyment of Star Trek: The Next Generation. I enjoy the original Star Trek series as well, but it was TNG that I used to watch with my grandparents. In fact, the last time I saw Potodd before he passed away we had rented and watched Star Trek: Insurrection. Thus, Star Trek: The Next Generation holds a very special little nostalgic corner in my heart.

So, my Geek Pride moment that I'm sharing with you today is the one from earlier this week, when it was announced a 25th anniversary reunion of the Star Trek: TNG cast will be going on right here, in Austin, Texas this fall. Hooray!

The memories of watching this show are dear to me, and so I admit, the prospect of getting to see the cast in person made me giddy. I actually found myself inspired to make a little something.

You see, I haven't made much in a long while. I needed inspiration. Then this news bit about Captain Jean Luc Picard (and crew) being in my own town came around and it hit – I remembered his famous words and made myself do something. Make it so.
So, I made it.  From various cardstock in what I think of as a very TNG palette cut from my paper stash, to be all specific about it.

Yeah, it's different from what I would normally make. Very different, in fact.  But I like it.

It fits in nicely in its new home in my studio. There it can remind me to 'make it so. ' Add to that Potodd's picture (the blanket of stuffed animals is courtesy of little Alicia), my geeky Star Trek pin and the Spock figurine, and I hope I can find more nerdy and nostalgic inspiration to go ahead and get things done.

Well, not just to go ahead and get things done, actually, but to remind me to be innovative, thoughtful, imaginative, humorous, diligent, earnest, and thorough in what I do. Just as Potodd was.

If I inherited his geeky genes, surely something else must of gotten through, right? Or at least I can hope it did. Pin It

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