Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Birthday, Texas!

Today, Texas turns 176.

Seeing as I am now coming up on my tenth anniversary of my moving to Texas (!), I should honor my state of residence's big day. That is what a true Texan would do, after all.

At first I thought I would celebrate by whipping up some cupcakes. Because, any excuse for cake, right?

Wrong. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing, and right now I need to stave off the cakes until Easter...or at least maybe until a wedding between now and Easter (it's bad luck to not eat wedding cake at a wedding, right?).

So in an effort to avoid cake batter, cake scraps, icing, and a finished cake or cupcakes (these are a few of my favorite things), I nixed the edible cake plans and went for a huggable slice of birthday cake instead.

A plush cake for a plush Texas! Very appropriate, although I know that it seems plush cakes are everywhere these days, I'll take 0 calories over 250+ calories for today.

Besides, it turned out every bit as cute and satisfying to make as a real cake. Yay!

And it looks like Texas likes it, too. Pin It

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