Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Winter, Schminter -- I Say It's Gardening Time

Although it's still technically winter, and I've been fighting off the last rattling coughs of my cold, I just had to spend the last few days in the yard prepping the garden for springtime.

The weather is sooooo mild and pleasant, and I have simply had it up to my eyeballs with being indoors. Also, I admit, I am very excited about having a yard of my very own now.

Garden, garden, garden, plants, plants, compost, rocks, drought tolerance, drainage, garden design, plants. That is just a taste of what my thoughts have been of late.

The above art consists of a one ink and watercolor piece I did back in December (when the spring planting ruminations started getting strong), and the other is a mindless paint doodle of generically Alician plants that came out during lunch. Just flowed right on out, it did.

Today is my day off from garden things (other than this blog post), but I've been finding it difficult to want to do anything else. It's just so very satisfying, gardening is. I think it's something about getting dirty and the smell of soil.

Or finding really cool little treasures, like the world's saddest, tiniest, lost butterfly wing (found hiding amongst the sage bush debris). Or the tiny joy of bumping into butterflies whilst picking up some supplies at the nursery (here on Gregg's Mistflower). That's encouraging, right?

I'm crossing my fingers that it will continue to be satisfying, and that we won't have any freak snowstorms before winter is gone (very possible -- see last year), and that spring and summer bring some more rain with it (drought is also very, very possible -- also see last year).

As for now, I shall keep my hands dirty, and keep my butt off the couch. Pin It

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