Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sweets Ahead! Community Cupcake Picks Tutorial

It's Thursday. And so far this year, Thursday means my husband and I get to be all bummed about missing our favorite show, Community.

That's why I recently decided to cheer him up with some Community decorated cupcakes for his birthday (I guess making him pop culture birthday cupcakes has kinda become a thing now?).

Now I'm sharing the Community love with you all. A tutorial! A download! Everything!

For those not familiar with Community, I am not going to try to describe or summarize the show and all things that make it great. I don't feel like I can do so accurately with typed words alone.

All you need to know is that it centers around the 7 characters pictured on the cupcakes, and that despite a cult following, it was put on hiatus after December. Boo! I assume to make more room in the NBC lineup for things like Are You There Chelsea. Which, for me is just...barf.

I guess the last thing you should know about Community (if you want to understand the punny title of this blog post, at least) is that it's most definitely streets ahead.

But seriously, if you're going, "What the hell is she talking about? Community!?!? Who are those people on those cupcakes?" whilst reading this, do yourself a favor and just go watch it. It's tops.


This year for my sweetie's birthday, I decided to start off with one of my new year's resolutions and say, "No!" to baking up all the cupcakes myself (on top on drawing 7 cartoon portraits, making the picks, prepping for a party, etc.). So I did what I never do and I bought some.

I ordered cupcakes from Sugar Mama's Bakeshop here in Austin, with a different flavor for each member of the study group. If I am not going to bake it myself, I will buy it from Sugar Mama's.

Clockwise from top left: Shirley - Strawberry Love, Annie - Pink Champagne, "Sour Face" Britta - Jack's Lemon, Troy - Peanut Butter Cup(cake), Jeff - The Hemingway , Abed - Peppermint Patty, and Pierce - Carrot Cake... because old people like carrot cake. Also, I like to think that carrot + Pierce = penis joke.

But I will make the cupcake PICKS myself.

Here's how I did it:

Here's what you'll need: a glue stick, scissors, toothpicks, 1" circle paper punch (or use scissors), 1" (or slightly larger) flower or some other shape paper punch, lined notebook paper, and a print out of my artwork (I printed mine out on a light cardstock), which you can download over here.

First, cut out your little portrait circles so that they are manageable for use with the paper punch. Alternatively, carefully cut them out with scissors.

I have included an 1/8th on an inch all around color bleed (1/4" total), around the image so keep that in mind if you are hand trimming them (there's a note about it on the download itself).

If you are using the punch, I like to do so upside down, so I that I may see where my image is falling within its borders. So, line it up, and punch!

Here you can see that the punched out and finished portrait circles should be tighter and closer in than the initial printout.

This next part is optional -- you don't have to have a portrait surround if you don't want (you can just go with the plain picks).

If you DO like it, punch some out of a sheet of notebook paper (a nod to the whole 'school' aspect of Community).

I like to try to make sure to get a snippet of red margin in on all my notebook paper pieces.

Use the glue stick to glue your portrait circles onto the notebook paper portrait surround piece. Make sure you align the portraits on either side in the same manner, so that the images on either side of the cupcake pick will both be right side up once glued together.

For example, I like to align the chin of each face with the bottom center notch of the notebook paper.

Once you've done that, liberally apply glue stick to the back of one side of your cupcake pick, and then center and stick down your toothpick.

Then align the other piece on top on the toothpick so that the shapes are pretty much aligned, and firmly press down.

Your toothpick will cause a ridge in the characters face, but that's all right, because I like to use that as the back side of the pick anyway.

Taa-daa! And that's it. Let it dry and then it's cupcake stabbing time.

Hope you enjoyed the tute (that's what the kids call tutorials). I'm sure whatever y'all make with it -- cupcake picks, magnets, button badges, jewelry, whatevs -- will be streets ahead.

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kate said...

woohoo, I love Community! I don't know anyone else that watches it though :(

alicia policia said...

kate - you should host a Community get together to introduce your friends to its wonderfulness!

You can serve chicken fingers, Seven & Seven, kettle corn, and Charleston Chews (and cupcakes, of course). : )

We have had success in converting several of our friends into Community fans.

khanada said...

this is so awesome! i love community, i'm always glad to come across other people who like the show (i only know people online who watch it, no one in my town does). this is such a cute idea!