Friday, February 24, 2012

Hello, sparklies!

Long time no see, jewelry!

My approach to jewelry is a lot like my approach to baked goods: DIY. I don't always wear jewelry, but when I do, I tend to just make it myself.*

But unlike the DIY baked goods, I mostly don't bother with jewelry now because my interest in making it has waned to an all time low.

And lo, I discovered that Pinterest is perfect for finding inspiration in creative areas that one has been neglecting! And it gets bonus points for allowing me to do so without having to comb through magazine pages, or editorial comments, etc., etc.

So when I saw some cool looking earrings, I was inspired to make my own and, bam! Here they are.

That's how I came to make myself my first pair of earrings since, like, I made my wedding earrings (on the night before my wedding, BTW). Yeah. That was almost two and a half years ago.

Sooo....This is good! Inspiration is good! New ideas are good! Thanks, Pinterest!

But it is also bad, because I would like to credit the original designer, but they have been lost in the Pinterest black hole. Boo! : (

(whispers) However, knowing how much of the mass market fashion world operates, it's entirely possible they stole the idea from someone else themselves. Yes, I said it. But, you know, maybe that's not the case? I hope...

*Ok, so I also will buy it from independent jewelry artists and designers who make it themselves... Or I'll wear something vintage... Or secondhand... Pin It

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