Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

You get my blood orange pumpin', Valentine!

Get it? Huh?

This Valentine's Day, I'm having fun with food. Above you see shaped blood orange slices and pastries from San Francisco Bakery for breakfast.

And for tonight's dessert, my first ever cheesecake! Which was very easy up until my flourish of the frustrating raspberry sauce heart that decided to make a non-healing big crack in the topping...

..and I made my first ever chocolate dipped strawberries! At least my very first successful ones, considering the last attempt involved a makeshift double boiler and hot water-scalded chocolate all over the place.

And I did get one more little sweet for my sweet... a bacon chocolate bar.

Because you can never have too many sweets on Valentine's Day.

That goes for the musical varieties as well.

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