Friday, January 13, 2012

Unluckily Unfinished

What do Friday the 13th and unfinished artwork have to do with each other?

Absolutely nothing!

Except for maybe this is a blog post where I'm showing off some unluckily unfinished artwork on a Friday that happens to be the 13th. Unfinished pretzel girl, unfinished skull girl twins, unfinished They Might Be Giants, unfinished bean cat plush, and palettes, palettes, palettes, just sitting around waiting to help finish stuff.... *tsk* poor things never saw completion.

Seeing as it is a Friday in January, and seeing as I haven't made the requisite blog post list of resolutions just like everyone else already did two weeks ago, perhaps I should do just that today, and be sure to make "Finish what I start" a big ole resolution on that list.

Will a #3 qualify that as being "big ole?"

To Do in 2012

1. Say "no" more often. I have a habit of overextending myself because I can't turn people down, and I enjoy doing many things at once anyway (until I find myself running around like a loon).

2. Write! Whether it be blog posts or books or comics or tutorials -- I would like to use free time from saying "no" more often and put it toward writing.

3. Finish what I start. Or at least try to.

4. Garden stuff! (fingers crossed this summer isn't a repeat of last years horrific drought, but I have my doubts about that).

5. Revamp time for the etsy shop. For reals. It's time. Total re-do time.

6. French! Learn to speak it, or just explore and appreciate its cuisine. Or both.

7. Do not buy any more fabric "just because."

8. Crochet! Learn to do something other than just a straight row of single crochet in a single color.

9. Take a vacation. A real one.

10. Uhhh, I can't think of a tenth. Put things back in their place after I'm done using them?

11. ... I was going to try to get to thirteen, but I think nine (ten?) is good n' plenty.

Yep! Sounds good to me. Now, where to start... Wouldn't it be nice to start with #9 ? spends all day looking up vacations when she should be writing Pin It

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