Friday, January 20, 2012

Jessica & John's Jamaican Wedding Custom Coloring Book

Another missed post from 2011 (the last least until I unearth some more forgotten photos), and it's one of my favorites!

You may remember my posting a few custom coloring books before (I know I at least blogged the one from my own wedding and one for Cari and Lawrence), but this time the couple, Jessica and John, contacted me about doing a custom wedding coloring book for their Jamaican destination wedding last October. I love how it turned out, too. Super cute!

They wanted the coloring books to be surprise goodies in their guests' welcome baskets in Jamaica, so I had to nix my usual "bride and groom wedding portrait" that has typically graced the cover so that Jessica's dress could remain a secret until the ceremony.

Inside, the couple and I came up with plenty of Jamaica themed activities, trivia tidbits and fun ways to include their families, bridal party, and loved ones.

I think the DIY wedding vows are one of my favorite new activities that I came up with for them. My husband and I tested them out, and it was pretty danged hilarious.

I never got a chance to post anything on this book though, because it so happens that the lovely couple and I, well, we have some particular people in common within our circles of friends, blog readers, and wedding guests, and I was terrified to post anything lest the surprise keepsake be ruined by blog-reading.

Once the wedding had passed and there was no danger or ruining surprises, I was elbow deep in other things, and well, here you are, reading about it a bit after the fact.

I definitely would like to start making my custom coloring books more widely available, but the last couple of years (what with the moving, and the moving, and the MOVING) have been terrible for me to set up such an endeavor.

I am reworking the pricing and purchasing breakdown though. It's just tricky -- there's almost too much customizability available! Hrmmm. A puzzle, indeed. Perhaps I can finagle a way for it to work when I finally revamp the etsy shop.

Rest assured, I will keep the world updated when Alicia Policia custom coloring books do go public. They're just too cool of a memento to keep on the down low for much longer, right?!? Pin It

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