Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I Was A PBS Kid.

I made these li'l homages to some of my favorite PBS personae last year. I was a thoroughly nerdy child, and absolutely LOVED educational children's programing.

Sesame Street is a given, of course. And it was a given that I should give this Bert and Ernie to my kindred muppet-loving friend, Paul Adam, as he is the only soul I know who appreciates and loves the Muppets in quite the same manner I do (dead honest -- we're both extremely discerning when it comes to our Muppets).

And what child of the 80's didn't absolutely adore Reading Rainbow? I certainly did.

Hence this li'l Levar Burton. Also (of course) from last year.

Actually, I think that Reading Rainbow was an boon to my childhood interest in art. I loved any segment they did on artists, illustrators and craftspeople and how they made their work. Also, it had possibly the best theme song ever.

You know, some day I really ought to make an homage to Mister Rogers. I just have to. He totally deserves one, too. I love Mister Rogers.

And I need to at least figure out where to get ahold of some of my totally obscure favorites, like these shows by John Robbins.

Books! Drawing! Totally one of this nerdy little art girl's favorite childhood shows, but doubtful one of which many folks would catch a drawn homage should I make one... Pin It


Katie said...

As a fellow and former PBS child and muppet-lover (to this day), I love this post.

Kooz said...

Levar Burton was awesome! Reading Rainbow is my #1 favorite show from childhood (http://kooztop5.blogspot.com/2012/01/top-5-favorite-kid-shows-growing-up.html). Bert & Ernie also make the list. Love the Burton drawing!

Emma said...

I loooove the Levar Burton one!!

susan pommerer said...

I wish you would sell the Bert and Ernie as a print. I would buy a signed copy and frame it. Is it for sale?

alicia policia said...

Thanks, everyone!

Susan, sadly I do not have a Bert and Ernie print, and no longer have the original so I cannot make one.

BUT, if you're interested, send an email or message my way and I might be able to make you an original of your own.

Allan Lorde said...

Oh, man...I spent so many hours watching John Robbins shows back in the day. Riveting programming.