Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Drawing with Pancake Batter -- Brain Slug Edition

I don't remember for what occasion it was that I made this brain slug pancake for my husband for breakfast last year, but whenever it was, I just never got around to sharing it.

When pancakes were served in our house growing up, each child got to name whatever it was that they wanted to eat in pancake form, and my mom would draw it up for them in pancake batter.

I normally asked for cats and squirrels, or maybe the occasional Princess Leia. I was pretty uncomplicated like that.

I distinctly remember that one day my little brother asked for a Boba Fett pancake, and my mom even hunted down his action figure for reference. FOR A PANCAKE. And she drew him. In pancake batter. Using only a spoon. Freehand.

I know! I have the most awesome mom in the world!

Anyway, this brain slug was done Mama-style, meaning I drew it freehand with batter and a spoon, and you plop down whatever part of the pancake drawing you want to be darkest first, and work your way to the lightest areas after that (for this pancake I dropped down the pupil, then the body, and then the eye).

This bitty brain slug breakfast pales in comparison to my mom's pancake masterpieces, of course. It's such a pity that growing up we never, ever thought of photographing our pancakes before eating them. It was just part of a regular weekend breakfast for us, but now I wish we had some sort of record of all her cool creations.

Some day perhaps I can work out a tutorial on drawing pancakes the Mama way.

But you know, it's REALLY hard to cook, draw, and photograph oneself doing it all at the same time. Just sayin'. Pin It

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