Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Attack of the '90s X-Men Nostalgia

This past weekend, I found myself catching a few minutes of the 1990s X-Men cartoon, which totally sent me into a 90s X-nostalgia spiral, and I wound up doodling some X-peeps I had not drawn in a long while.

And I loved it.

It started with Gambit, and moved on to Rogue, and then Jubilee, and finally Psylocke before I stopped.

And the memories! Oh, they came rushing back!

It feels like forever since I've drawn any super heroes, but back in the early 90s, that's practically all I drew. Well, actually I drew four things: girls with weird hair, girls in vintage fashions, Disney girls, and super heroes (mostly just the girl ones).

I didn't really have an artistic grasp on the male facial characteristics or masculine physique until mid 90s or later -- my guy drawings always ended up looking like girls, which would spark the kind of snorty, teasing comments from my peers that I liked to avoid.

Hey, look! It's a perfect opportunity to share with the world my own vintage, dorky, middle-school nerd girl drawings! Yay, embarrassment! Yay, progress!

The above Gambits were both way macho for the likes of most of my guy drawings at that time. That's how poorly I drew men.

I guess I thought that the cigarette with the endless cloud of smoke made him seem tougher...

Did you know they don't draw Gambit smoking anymore?

So then I turned to drawing just the girls, which, given super hero ladies' busty builds and skimpy costumes, just sparked a whole new mess of snorty, teasing comments from my peers.

This mess of Rogues look like they date from 1993 and/or 1994 -- right in the thick of my life's teasing territory. Perfect.

As you can see from what may very well be the first drawing of Rogue I ever did (this looks like 1991 or 1992, judging from my handwriting and the hair drawing technique applied), I still had a lot to learn about anatomy.

Heeello, thighs! Perhaps some of the snorty teasing was merited.

Also of note, the very 90s artist signature 'tag.'

And the Jim Lee inspired boob hatch marks, straight off the cover of X-Men #1.

And check out this very early Jubilee, again likely 1991 or 1992. Nice shorts!

Also, just what was up with all the jackets? I reckon it was the early 90s. Jackets were in, right?

So were shiny surfaces, apparently. Oh, teen Alicia! So much shiny!

Obviously, the comics reading and the hero(ine) drawing trumped the teasing.

I loved comics. Not only did it make for great drawing practice (not to mention it was something to do whilst being a bored-to-death-teen-nerd), but it was just a crazy and quirky and dark and funny and just plain old entertaining, entirely engrossing world they inhabited.

Yup. Even with all the jackets...

And the pockets...

And the belts that didn't hold anything up...

And the shiny. Pin It


Seth said...

Don't feel bad about the boob hatch marks. Jim Lee caused every female character I drew to have a strange piece missing from their lower lip that I *think* was supposed to be shiny lipstick (?). Still not sure.

Ira F. Cummings said...

Those drawings are pretty fun Alicia. I do like the new ones, though, especially Rogue. It's really painful for me to look back on the stuff I did like this. Lots of pretty un-imaginative Spiderman stuff. And I think I still have some weird stylistic habits when I draw people that I inherited from hours of copying Erik Larsen and Todd MacFarlane. Double edge sword, though right? Not sure if I would have persisted with drawing through my teenage years if it hadn't been for comics.

Kate said...

I drew all X-Men and other comic book fanart from age 9-12, then turned to anime. It's embarrassing but was definitely good practice to get me where I am today! I now have a unique style of my own inspired from all of that nerdy goodness. And I love your new drawings of Rogue and Gambit!!