Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Succulent Wedding Cake

So, I made my first " wedding cake."

It actually was a first anniversary cake, if you want to be technical about it.

Some absolutely lovely friends of mine eloped last year Hawaii, all in what is possibly one of the most romantic wedding stories I've ever heard. It's the kind of story that you think only happens in movies, but no. It's real. They're that ridiculously cute together.

The only down side to a super romantic elopement is that you miss out on having your loved ones there with you, and so they planned on having a shindig on their first anniversary to be able to share in the celebration with their loved ones.

Enter the wedding cake! A simple cake design topped with some sort of sugar art arrangement of succulents was requested (in red velvet and cream cheese icing, by the way), and so I said yes.

I opted to do my faux succulents in gum paste. It was surprisingly easy, too. I just used some of my gum paste flower cut-out shapes, but with a thicker amount of gum paste itself, and sculpted away. I just sort of made up my own succulents, not adhering to any botanical accuracy, but I think they still came out pretty darn believable, if I don't say so myself!

I reckon that's the part where the natural inclination to artsy stuff and sculpting comes in handy.

The part that was hardest for me in all this wedding cake business: stacking the tiers and trying to get that danged icing to be smooth enough for my liking. GaAAAaaaHHH! Craziness!

That's what makes me say, to anyone who wants to compliment my cake-work, you really need to compliment my husband.

Because he's the one who has to talk me off the ledge when I get frustrated. And he's the one who lives with my explosion of powdered sugar in the kitchen. The man is a saint. He deserves mad props.

And I also totally didn't mind doing this favor, both the fun and frustrating parts, for such a deserving friend. She has been such an inspiration to me this year, that a little wedding cake was the least I could do in thanks.

Besides, without her, I don't know if we'd have our newest fuzzball family member, Trixie.

Yep, that's right. Another kitten has landed, we are totally smitten with her. And lawd, is she ever true to her name! Pin It


Anonymous said...

This cake is beautiful! Great Job!

Sarah said...

I love this cake! Bravo on it being your first! I'm making a succulent-themed wedding cake for a friend this July and I may need your help. I love how you made them out of sugar--so beautiful!