Monday, October 17, 2011

Saint Dorothy

Yesterday I attended a baptism for a beautiful baby girl named Dorothy, so I took that opportunity to paint up a little painting of her namesake saint, Saint Dorothy (who happens to be the patron saint of gardeners, florists, and brides) as a baptism gift.

She was a fun little painting project, with her pretty basket of roses and apples and her crown of flowers, but then I also guess I'm a sucker for any chance to get to research the symbology of saints and religious figures (a penchant I've had in particular since my days studying art history and living in Florence).

I had some folks suggest I turn this into a series of saints, but I also like the idea of it being a personally specific-gifty-for-a-specific-person kinda thing.

BUT, if you do happen to have an interest in purchasing your own little saint, check out what I found during my Saint Dorothy web researching -- these super cute saint softies by Saintly Silver over on Etsy!

(I think Saint Lucy might be my favorite -- love the little seed bead eyes!) Pin It

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