Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I took my own advice for once. Yay!

After yesterday's post about my first little sewing project (and its reminder to me that I just need to just let go and make stuff for the sake of making stuff INSTEAD of over planning to the point of NOT making stuff), I felt the urge to just plop down and make something for the sake of making it last night.

No sketches. No plan. No point or purpose to it. Not for a show. Not for a store. Not for some other big project. Not for a client. Just doodling. And out came this little girl and boy-o.

It felt good! I miss it! I've realized that my sketchbooks are just packed with drawings and plans for work these days. Which isn't a bad problem, per se, but I do miss doodling. I want to do it more (you know, other than just when I'm talking to folks on the phone).

Amazing what an inspiring space can do for ya (have I mentioned I love having my own real studio space yet?).

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