Friday, August 26, 2011

Jeepers Peepers

Here's a sneak peek at the semi-secret project on which I'm currently working.

Expect to see a few more entries along these lines theme-wise in the next couple of weeks! And the forecast says there may be some tutorial time involved, too. Yay!

Just excuse the cruddy display this time around... I was at a loss on how to show them off and photograph them, so, upturned vase it was.

The upturned vase is also waaay easier to photograph than my dang face. Ugh.

And with that, I leave you with this, which is apparently forever on loop in my brain now because it's been playing and replaying there since I started this project.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I took my own advice for once. Yay!

After yesterday's post about my first little sewing project (and its reminder to me that I just need to just let go and make stuff for the sake of making stuff INSTEAD of over planning to the point of NOT making stuff), I felt the urge to just plop down and make something for the sake of making it last night.

No sketches. No plan. No point or purpose to it. Not for a show. Not for a store. Not for some other big project. Not for a client. Just doodling. And out came this little girl and boy-o.

It felt good! I miss it! I've realized that my sketchbooks are just packed with drawings and plans for work these days. Which isn't a bad problem, per se, but I do miss doodling. I want to do it more (you know, other than just when I'm talking to folks on the phone).

Amazing what an inspiring space can do for ya (have I mentioned I love having my own real studio space yet?).

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Monday, August 15, 2011

My First Sewing Project

Lookie what I found in the midst of all my moving, unpacking, sorting, and organizing madness -- my very first sewing project!

I know, I know, it looks... odd. And though I say it was my first sewing 'project' it is most definitely an anti-project. Here is an object with no purpose beyond practice, no meaning, no specifications, and no finished look. And I love that! I should do that more often...

I was somewhere around 4 or 5 years old when my grandmother, (whom I called Gammon -- which rhymes with "c'mon") taught me to sew on buttons.

And with that she handed me a scrap of pink knit fabric, a needle, some thread, and open access to her vast button collection. I always loved picking my favorite pretties out of the sea of buttons in her sewing drawer.

I still relish combing through them for my favorites. Gammon unloaded her button collection on me when I was in college, although I admit, I used to use them with more abandon, and now I 'save them' for special projects that never happen.

I now consider this pink be-buttoned scrap to be a valuable reminder to just go for it, and to not overplan my work so much. Do it for the sake of doing it, for the sake of learning and doing something new!

With the move and a real studio of my own now, I've upgraded the buttons' home from my grandfather's old cigar boxes (cute and chic, but not very button-visible) to some pretty jars that allow me to spy my favorites without having to crack open a box. Hooray!

Here's hoping that this increased visibility also means increased accessibility, creativity, and productivity due to increased inspiration.

Ooooh, I love me buttons!!!

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