Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Slowly but Surely

That's how the moving process goes. Yes, goes, because it's still not done just yet. Still! Can you believe it? I can... and I can't.

I know everyone thinks I'm crazy. Who on earth can't manage to move across town in two months? Two months!?!

But this is how it goes with moving and me - we are bitter enemies and it's a long, drawn-out fight...

...Plus I highly recommend NOT going on a week and a half long vacation in the middle of the moving process. That just kinda mucks everything up time and motivation wise, you know?

It was a very nice vacation, but boy-oh-boy! Coming back to a partially moved household was such a bummer.

But at least I have the things I love about the new house to brighten up each snail's pace of a moving day now.

The striped panel kitchen wall. The gingerbread cabinet trim (which I would love even more if it had one of these pretty shades in its midst). The passion flowers and their throngs of butterflies. The super cute stepped trim around every door and window.

And of course, nothing is quite as cute and cheery as a cat watching birds against the backdrop of what I think might be my favorite room color ever (and although this photo does NOT do it justice, that would be Pittsburgh Paints' Everglade Mist -- and it happens to be in the studio and HOT DOG, I cannot wait to be finished with moving so I can make stuff again - total studio inspiration going on here! Oh yeah, and blog about it too.).

So it might not be all done just yet. But I do love the new place. And although it's not completely 100% Aliciafied, unpacked, and moved into, I can relax knowing I have a lifetime left to do so (after this weekend, that is). Aaaaahhh! Pin It


Nanigoat said...

I already love your place and it's only small sneak peeks of it. Love the color scheme

alicia policia said...

Thanks! Sometimes I think I might've gone a little too color happy, but I reckon that almost a decade of living in off white apartments and "no paint" rentals might do that to ya!

Sometimes I secretly wish we had more house just so I could paint it more colors.