Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cupcakes for Supper

I miss making cupcakes. It's been a loooooong while since I've baked any type of cake, and a looooong while since I've eaten any as well. Was it Christmas? Halloween? Ah, I think it was the unblogged-cream-cheese-and-nutella-chocolate-iced-banana-nut-Easter-cake...

...There! Now it's been blogged. I was a very busy lady in April. Sorry! Anyway, back to the now...

Thankfully, I was able to cull my sugar cravings last night at the Sugar Mama's (of Austin - my preferred local cupcakery) & Sugadeaux (of Melbourne, Australia) cupcake tasting at Volstead Lounge (much thanks to my incredibly awesome friend, Wendy, for snagging the tickets).

It was decadently delicious! Eight mini cupcakes (4 from each baker), a signature cocktail and some prosecco PLUS two tasty take home cookies. A dream event!

Jess of Sugadeaux presented Texas Pink Grapefruit, Sweet Tea, Lamington, and Strawberry Chcolate Balsamic cupcakes while Olivia of Sugar Mama's presented Pomegranate Martini, Peanut Butter Honey, Chocolate Dipped Marshmallow, and her classic James Brown cupcakes. And yes, our table ate them all.

And I tried to take photos of each pretty little pastry to post and share, although I will say that chocolate on chocolate thing doesn't photograph well in a dark restaurant, so I only have six pics. Sorry James Brown and Choco-Marshmallow cupcakes! Sad, I know. You were both cute.

Well, it was kinda dark and it was incredibly hard to remember to take a picture before taking a bite...

My favorite of the night? I think it goes to the Texas Pink Grapefruit cupcake by Sugadeaux. So light and crisp and fresh and tart. Loved it! And I do believe there will be more of that particular flavor available at the Sugadeaux/Sugar Mama's event this Sunday if you happen to be in Austin.

I mean, come on! Look how cute li'l miss Grapefruit is! Pink with little white sprinkles! It doesn't get much cuter. Plus, I reckon since I'm a Florida gal at heart, I have a natural predisposition to citrus.

And now though I may have culled that sugar craving, I have a new yearning to MAKE cupcakes. I miss baking so much. Plus I get to bake in an all new kitchen now! I just need to make sure folks other than myself will eat them...

Maybe in a couple more days, after the old place is all cleaned and done. *sad trombone*

The treats in the order they appear in this post: take home sugar and wattleseed cookies, Pomegranate Martini cupcake, take home cookies and signature pink berry martini, the Lamington cupcake, Strawberry Chocolate Balsamic cupcake, Peanut Butter Honey cupcake, Texas Pink Grapefruit cupcake, and Sweet Tea cupcake. Pin It

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Slowly but Surely

That's how the moving process goes. Yes, goes, because it's still not done just yet. Still! Can you believe it? I can... and I can't.

I know everyone thinks I'm crazy. Who on earth can't manage to move across town in two months? Two months!?!

But this is how it goes with moving and me - we are bitter enemies and it's a long, drawn-out fight...

...Plus I highly recommend NOT going on a week and a half long vacation in the middle of the moving process. That just kinda mucks everything up time and motivation wise, you know?

It was a very nice vacation, but boy-oh-boy! Coming back to a partially moved household was such a bummer.

But at least I have the things I love about the new house to brighten up each snail's pace of a moving day now.

The striped panel kitchen wall. The gingerbread cabinet trim (which I would love even more if it had one of these pretty shades in its midst). The passion flowers and their throngs of butterflies. The super cute stepped trim around every door and window.

And of course, nothing is quite as cute and cheery as a cat watching birds against the backdrop of what I think might be my favorite room color ever (and although this photo does NOT do it justice, that would be Pittsburgh Paints' Everglade Mist -- and it happens to be in the studio and HOT DOG, I cannot wait to be finished with moving so I can make stuff again - total studio inspiration going on here! Oh yeah, and blog about it too.).

So it might not be all done just yet. But I do love the new place. And although it's not completely 100% Aliciafied, unpacked, and moved into, I can relax knowing I have a lifetime left to do so (after this weekend, that is). Aaaaahhh! Pin It