Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Please excuse Alicia for being absent...

This is my excuse note for being gone for over a month now. I hope it passes muster and I can get back to business soon. Pretty please?

It's not that I didn't want to blog, it's just, well, I'm in the midst of moving mania. AGAIN.

Excitement! Stress! Who will win!?!? What?!?! I didn't hear you over the excitement over my new place!!!

Yes, I am moving for the third time in less than two years. And, as my great-aunt, Billie, would say, "Mercy goodness!" How did I amass so much stuff? How did I ever move the first two times without imploding? And, how did it ever fit into those teeny tiny spaces with all this crap?

At least this time I'll be moving into a house that is mine (one where I can finally paint the walls a color!), and I hope it is one of the last moves I will ever make in my life (fingers crossed)! Or at least that's what I'm telling myself right now.

So yes, moving, house stuff, time slipping by... the process has been a bit super-fast and hectic, and painfully slow, and incredibly exciting all at the same time, somehow.

Sprinkle in some some other ongoings...Oh, I don't know, stuff like my computer, my 'smart' phone, and my camera all puttering out on their last legs and deciding not to work at the same time and it's like, you know, "Blogs? What is that?"

Out of sight (or would that be site?), out of mind.

Meanwhile, the paint swatches and boxes and boxes upon boxes of things to donate or sell (Oh, thank you, episodes of Hoarders and Clean House on Netflix, for giving me a glimpse of my pack-ratty future and scaring me straight!), and a never ending to-do list paired with a soon-ending deadline just don't stop.

And those don't make for very enthralling blog posts.

I had intended to make so many good and nifty posts, too. I planned stuff for Easter...Mother's Day...They Might Be Giants Appreciation Day... but yeah, I didn't do it.

So I finally made myself squeeze in some time to paint up this super cute house turtle. Appropriate, but also SO CUTE! And then most likely it'll be back to a world of paint chips and plumbers, measuring tapes and moving boxes for a bit.

But I promise if I come across anything the slightest bit interesting in the process I'll try my best to share it this time. Over a month is too long to be gone -- gotta catch up! Pin It


Unknown said...

aww.... congrats on the move and the colored walls for once!

Bobbi said...

Still don't want to jinx the move... but Chauncey and I walked by the new house in our neighborhood! Its super cute! I love the shutters on the outside. :)

Anonymous said...

That turtle is the cutest! :)

Anonymous said...

shame on you for that pun, but glad to hear that you're well! pretty colours!

alicia policia said...

It was a bad pun, wasn't it? I cannot help that o was born with a predisposition for bad puns - it's genetic!