Monday, March 7, 2011

Little Pieces of Paper

Well, little pieces of cardstock or bristol board, rather. But I couldn't turn down a chance for alliteration in the phrase 'pieces of paper' so I went with that.

I was recently turned on to the idea of Artist Trading cards by a friend*, and seeing that this past weekend was the first time for a two day long Staple! Independent Media Expo, it seemed the perfect excuse to bring along some pint sized portable paintings, so I decided to try my hand at them.

I admit, it is tremendously fun and freeing for me to doodle up little characters ├╝ber quickly without fussing too much over the details. It's like a sketchbook, but a sketchbook I can easily share with people without ripping it all apart in the process.

And so, here is a smattering of drawings hued with pinks and blues from this weekend's array of pieces. Super cute, yes! Elephant Strawberry Cupcake Girl! Happy Yeti Guy and Birdie!

And Farting Victorian Lady! Cute perhaps, but not very classy I admit.

Such is the gamble you take when you allow me to put a pen to paper -- you get to place bets on whether it'll be cute, creepy, crass, or a combo of all three. Poot!

* a friend who, by the way, if you, ever need to read up on your Americans with Disabilities Act code and architecture, happens to write a blog about it over here that sometimes involves Godzilla. Pin It


Sarah J! said...

These are SUPER adorable! Great Job!

alicia policia said...

Thanks, Sarah J!

Unknown said...

lol farting never gets old! Loved it you truly have an amazing gift and talent!

doodlebird said...

at least she farts in pink. that must be lady-like, no?

Little Jackrabbits said...

CUTE! Thats all i need to say.