Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day!

Hooray! We woke up to a winter wonderland this morning here in Austin, Texas (of all places).

This usually means two things: 1) Do not attempt to go anywhere because, oh, the roads! They are bad (we lack proper snow equipment)! And 2) Hurry up and enjoy the snow, because chances are, it will be gone by lunch time.

So it was decided that we should stay put, and build a snowman taller than 6" for once, and posthaste, too, before all the snow is gone. So this morning we did just that.

And here he is. And I love him! I happen to think he's incredibly cute. Adorable, really. He even made it up to about 2 feet tall, which is pretty ginormous in these parts.

I think it's the literal corn cob pipe (why, thanks, hillbilly zombie Halloween costume props just sitting around!), button nose, and two eyes made out of coal that make him so irresistible.

Now we just need a magical old silk hat for him, and maybe he could spring to life and spend the day with us before melting away...which I am sad to say, is likely to happen very soon.

The melting part, not the springing to life part, that is. Pin It


Anonymous said...

THOSE are some Cute snowman pics!
Love your blog btw!

sarahbelle said...

Sweet Baby Jane! I'm from upstate NY and I know my snowmen and that guy you made, there is A-double-dorable! A perfect 10! :) Thanks for sharing his cute little self with us!

alicia policia said...

sarahbelle - Thanks!

Funnily enough, I went to school in upstate NY myself, and can you believe that despite PLENTY of snow, I never built a snowman taller than 6 inches?

And yes, those tiny snowmen were made with snow from my college dorm window sill.

I had to move to Austin to finally build a (semi) proper snowman. Crazy!