Saturday, January 15, 2011


It's raining.  It's  cold (by Austin standards). I have the flu.  

Yup. That's yuckiness, folks. Yuckiness all around.

Instead of starting 2011 with a bang and a parade of works of artsy crafty awesomeness that I had planned, I've started it with a cough and a wheeze and a ticker-tape parade of wadded-up kleenex,* 

Perhaps worst of all, instead of baking up my husband a new internet famous birthday (cup)cake(s) (previous years include Frank Zappa and Brain Slug cupcakes), this year, I gave him the flu. Happy birthday, darling!

So, no cake for now. Cake and flu just shouldn't go together. Ever.
Please forgive me for neglecting the blog this week.  It's been a downer of a cherry on top of a downer of a week, believe me.

The cat, however, is very happy.  There's rain to watch, two unmoving people upon which to sit, and plenty of warm and toasty hiding spaces from the cold.

I reckon if at least one of us is happy, that's something, right?

*Why, yes! I am one of those people who use brand names as everyday words regardless of the actual brand of that particular object.  May I offer you a coke?  How 'bout a band-aid or a q-tip?
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