Friday, December 31, 2010

Tiny Texas - A 2011 Shop Preview

Tomorrow begins a new year, which for me also means a new start for projects (yay!), and I also hope new goods and art for my etsy shop.

Thus, I thought it might be a nice little New Year's Eve treat to share a sneak peek of an item that'll be coming soon to The Small Cat Club shop -- Tiny Texases!

Or is it Texas'? What's the plural of Texas, anyway? Texai?

These cuties made their debut in the middle of Blue Genie Art Bazaar and have already garnered quite a few fans in that short time! How can anyone resist a Texas... especially when it has a cute smiling face?

And while they prove that not everything in bigger in Texas, everything IS better with faces! Pin It


Stacey said...

I love your Texases - Texii? I have been making resin Texases, and just ordered some mini-Texas molds for making necklaces with stuff embedded. Trade? Collaboration somehow?

alicia policia said...

Hmmm, Texii collaboration, eh? There may be something there, Stacey!

Any ideas?

Vicky G. said...

When will you be selling your Texases (?) again? I would love to purchase one for my sister for her birthday this month. Thanks!