Friday, December 10, 2010

Skywalker Family Portrait

Did you know that today is Share Star Wars Day? And just my luck! I have something Star Wars-y to share!

I did this gouache on panel painting a while back, having been inspired by working on my Monster family portrait to paint fictional character family portraits (oh, I loved working on it so much!). I admit, I LOVE this piece. it makes me so giddy and happy!

I've been waiting for a good excuse to post it here, amongst all the Christmas time related posts, but then Share Star Wars Day comes along, and well, it's a perfect match!

I reckon it's unlikely that most readers of this blog have not heard about the social struggles of internet sensation, Katie, the Star Wars girl, but just in case -- Katie was upset because the boys in school were mocking her for having a Star Wars water bottle, because apparently they believe that Star Wars is for boys only (so wrong, fellas!).

And then in a blog post heard round the geek world, proud nerds and geeks rallied round Katie's cause to proudly and publicly like what she likes without being picked on about it.

Thus fittingly,, the site for 'geekiness, girliness, and goofing off' declared today, December 10th, Share Star Wars Day -- a day to share your love for Star Wars with folks and to not shy away from embracing your inner geek.

I absolutely identify with Katie's situation myself, but in my case it was being teased for liking comics. Specifically, superhero comics. So I felt that I must make some sort of contribution to Share Star Wars Day -- for Katie.

After all, it's because of my childhood love of Star Wars, He-Man, superheroes, and other interests typically reserved for boys, that I became the artist I am today! Pin It