Saturday, December 4, 2010


Every year I get so wrapped up in preparations for various shows and ongoings, that it seems like I never, ever have a chance to do some Christmas crafting just for the fun of it, for my own home, for me.

Or I do make something for myself, and then this is what happens:

Husband: I'm going on a bike ride.
Me (snapping pictures): Ok. I'm going to put some pictures of these angel bell thingies on the blog.
Husband: Those are cute. Where did you get them?
Me: I made them!
Husband: Really? When?
Me: Uhhhh....Two years ago. You've just never seen them because I never put them out.
Husband: *eyeroll/raised eyebrow thing he does*

It's true.

These are two years old, and no one has even seen them other than myself. They're cute, they're Christmas-y, but each year the holidays pass by and they remain unmoved and forgotten in their little box.

That's the story of just about every thing I ever make for Christmas, if it even gets made in the first place.

But it's going to change, I tell ya! This year, I'm decoratin', doggonit!

So tomorrow, these sweet babies will finally get to hang out on a tree and ting-a-ling-a-ling for the first time ever, despite being over 2 years old.

And we will sit and I will sew stockings for my nieces, sip mulled wine, play I Spy (the Christmas Tree version as is our family tradition) and relax and enjoy the holiday season before Christmas Eve arrives for once in my adult life. Hurray!

And I cannot tell you how very much I am looking forward to it all. After so many years of rushed Christmases, it's going to be reeeeeaaaally nice. Pin It


Suzie said...

love these! the hair the most!

alicia policia said...

The hair cuteness is not even fully realized in these photos -- Redhead angel's pom-pom bun isn't even visible!