Friday, November 19, 2010

Pups in Cups

It's that time of year again!

Meaning, it's time for the wild and wonderful Blue Genie Art Bazaar. Meaning, it's time that I make a whole new batch of art and gift goodies to peddle throughout the month of December.

New this year is my series of Pups in Cups -- super cute original gouache paintings of your preferred pooches perched in petite porcelain cups.

I realize I tend to lean towards cat heavy art (What? ME?!? A cat lover? Ppffshhh! ), which isn't very fair to all the dog lovers out there (myself included), so I'm bringing out the doggies. Here's a sneak preview of some of them.

I personally love the howling beagle (but then I have a soft spot for beagles and beagle mixes having had one as a child, and having an aunt who is a beagle rescue and foster mama).

But I think this precious pit is my favorite. Again, I have a soft spot for them, what with having so many pit rescuers and adorable pits and pit mixes in my life (special shout out to Piglet!).

So! Cute! Mug O' Pup! Gahhh!!! Working on these have made me want to get a dog more and more. Sigh!

Speaking of foster and rescue pups, I don't do this often, but since this is an organization that means a lot to me...I'd like to take some time to encourage folks to donate to Emancipet -- an organization here in Austin that provides free and low cost spaying, neutering, and pet care.

They are in the midst of their Power of 10 donation drive (donation page here), where sponsors are there to match every dollar donated. They do really great work and help a lot of great animals, so know that every donation does a world of good.

Oh, puppies and kittens, I'm totally smitten! Thus I pledge to help, That they will not yelp, And pray they find homes, So they no longer roam. *

* You like that? I made it up. Just now! Fancy that. Good thing I don't try to sell poetry for a living, eh? Pin It


Bobbi said...

OMG! That looks just like my little Chauncey dog in the red cup.

Emma said...

What, no Berner pup in a cup? :)

They're adorable! I like the pit one, too.

alicia policia said...

Bobbi - I have never met Chauncey, but if that looks like him, then he must be a cutey. : )

But then, I haven't met a golden lab who is not a cutie. ;)

alicia policia said...

Emma - Now, I did say this was a sampling...and I do have a berner goddaughter, after all. So just you be patient, my dear. :)

And I'm sure, over time, the collection of pups in cups will grow to include more and more and more pups.

I haven't even put a dent in all the types of family dogs we've had!

Enrique said...

Piggy was my favorite dog I think. Will you make a Mochi?

alicia policia said...

Enrique - I do have a Mochi / Media esque terrier sketched up -- we'll see how it turns out.

I also have sketches for a Newfie, a greyhound, a German shepherd, and mutts, of course.

That pretty covers all of the different dogs I've had, at least!