Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pups in Cups Overfloweth

The bigger and better than ever (really - they have expanded and added tons of awesome new artists this year to celebrate their 10th anniversary this year!) Blue Genie Art Bazaar is just around the corner for reals now, and I'm getting all my goods and gear ready to premiere on opening day this Wednesday (that's December 1st, by the way).

That means I've been finishing up some more Pups in Cups, and figured I'd post a few of the new ones up here for all to see. Then it's time to matte and frame them and put them up for sale, and it's bye-bye, my pups!

If you're in Austin, you can check out all the show info and events here. And if you're not in Austin, you can peruse the websites and stores of the participating artists for something spectacular.

And maybe you'll run into a super cute pup in a cup along the way. If they haven't all been adopted yet, that is... Pin It

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