Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pretty Purple Posies

Last week I had the pleasure of presenting these pretty purple gum paste posies to a very special lady on her 70th birthday. Soooo pretty!

And while I've worked with gum paste before, (on the brain slug cupcakes, and again with the figures for my sister-in-law's baby shower cake), I've never really made gum paste flowers before.

My mother has made plenty of them, especially back in her cake and catering days (and most recently, as seen on my wedding cake), but I have been a bit scared off by them myself.

But this cake was an opportunity t do something more traditional, which I admit was refreshing, what with all the Wampas and cakefaces and Hank Williamses on my cakes.

So I found myself sitting down with the Wilton Gum Paste Flower kit (a birthday present gets used, yay!!!), making up whichever flowers I figured I could make without having to use wires and stamens (because that would require a trip to the store), in shades of purple and pink -- the birthday girl's fave colors, of course!

It really is pretty easy, just follow the instruction and make sure you have some vegetable oil or veggie shortening around to tame the sticky gum paste...

...And have some time on your hands. It's not too difficult (although I admit the carnations are infuriating! Die, carnations, die!) but it is time consuming!

And there you go!

Oh, and at some point in the process, a fingerprint unknowingly got on the camera lens and gave everything an appropriately fuzzy filter in one corner of all the photos.

The cake got lots of compliments (it was brown sugar nut cake with cream cheese icing), on not only the flowers, but the taste, and of course the flowers. I also preached my 'Buttercream And Gumpaste Trimuph Over Fondant Forever For the Win' spiel (yes, I'm one of those people who is sick to death of fondant)...

..and despite what I see as a hopelessly sloppy and horrificly not-entirely-centered-birthday-message (lemme tell you, I know why there are so many inscription based cake wrecks -- soooo not an easy thing to do!).

I reckon beauty is in the eye of the cake eater then. Or is it in the mouth..?

I admit, I'm coming off this most recent cake success feeling a bit encouraged to go ahead and enter this year's That Takes the Cake competition -- I mean, cakes with a comic book theme?!?! That's Alicia heaven!!!

But then again, I don't know...competitions have a way of taking the fun out of things, don't they?

Gah! Curse my competitive spirit! Pin It


Shannon said...

Wow, beautiful! Nice job!

alicia policia said...

Thanks, Shannon! It feels good to hear such nice feedback on a project about which I was nervous.

Add one 'go for the cake competition thing' tick to the column!