Thursday, October 28, 2010

Unlike A Virgin

Here's some more devilishly delightful artwork for you just in time for Halloween.

I had the pleasure of creating the artwork for Opposite Day's 'Unlike A Virgin' show, in which they cover the Immaculate Collection of the one, the only, Madonna (!!!!!).

So naturally, I think the opposite (no band name pun intended) of Virgin of Guadalupe and go with snakes and demons. And cone bras! Researching the Madonna fashion references for this one was a lot of fun. I could draw conical bustiers all the live long day -- they're so funny lookin'.

And my favorite part? The Madonna snakes, of course! I'm tempted to do some artwork featuring just a bunch of Madonna snakes, I love them so much.

Make sure you mark your calendars for Nov. 20 at Jovita's so's you can catch the show. I'll be there with bells and conical bustiers on (err, probably not that second part...sorry, I lied) . Pin It


Ira F. Cummings said...

This is pretty sweet Alicia. I love the Guadalupe twist on Madonna's identity. The concept reminds me a bit of the twisted saints that you did back in school, but I think this is smarter. And for some reason, those snakes are quite awesome.

alicia policia said...

Why, thanks, Ira! Working on it did bring me back to my saints laden college days -- but in a good way.

Also, I had flashbacks of my music column caricature days. Two birds, one stone.

I have to admit, I love the snakes. If only there were a way to do that to real snakes...dress them up and watch them happily dance to 'Express Yourself.' Then I might just become a snake owner. ;)