Thursday, October 7, 2010

Piñata Tutorial Offspring the First: Catbus Piñata

I was absolutely tickled to see the words 'Catbus Piñata' appear on my blog roll yesterday, but even more excited when I checked out Heidi Kenney's post about it over on My Paper Crane.

It turns out Heidi used my handy dandy paper-maché-free piñata making tutorial to help get this Catbus made for her son's birthday party! See?

" Here is the Catbus piñata that the kids and I made last night. We used techniques we found on Alicia Policia's blog entry about making a Luke Skywalker Piñata. I had never thought about using cardboard rather then paper mache. It was much faster, and way less messy."

Coolness! Go check out her whole post to see more pics... now!

And remember, I'm always super stoked to see other folks' piñatas -- if you used the tutorial, make sure to send some pics my way!
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