Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Can't Help Falling In Love...With Cross Stitching

Waaaaay back in August, I added a new state to my list (which is sadly smaller than I would like it), and visited Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee. Now it's almost two months later, and I just finished up my souvenir!

While I've always dug his music, I've never been an Elvis FAN -- the all caps kind -- but since Memphis was en route to our final destination, I felt it was my duty as an American, an artist, and an appreciator of kitschy things, vintage things, tacky things, and of Elvis and his music in general that I should pay my respects with a visit to Graceland.

And I loved it!

Sure, I accidentally ended up there at the beginning of Elvis week (tad crowded, but fun for Elvis impersonator spotting), and my native Floridian blood has a natural reaction to dislike tourist spots, so I did have my moments of cognitive dissonance.

But overall, I really enjoyed it. A lot! Especially touring the actual house -- it was a time warp treat for this lover of things vintage.

Gah! Check out this case filled with cute vintage things! Slathered with Elvis' (in my humble opinion) dreamy face, to boot!

And check out this vintage Rob Schneider doll! Hmm, it kinda looks a bit like a young George Jones, too...

I ended up choosing this small and simple cross stitch kit by The Posy Collection as my Graceland visit keepsake (although this kit is not on their site). I figured that it'd be more fun to make something myself -- there ought to be more crafty souvenirs in the world. I finally got around to stitching it up lately, so I thought I'd share and here we are!

A little extra thread, some Elvis movies via Netflix instant watch, and bam! I rediscovered the joy of cross stitch. I haven't done counted cross stitch since I was...what....9, or 10? I last cross stitched some howling coyotes onto some hand towels in 1990. Yeeeaaaah.

So compared with that, this is much cuter! And much more me.

I did change it up a bit with some different colors -- I added the flowering bushes and 'lions' out front (see the white blocks in front? That's lion statuary, in cross stitch form) for some added color and interest, and the original pattern was framed in a black stitch with black text, so I changed it to a more colorful and homey light aqua-ish blue (it looks far more turquoise in the photo above than it really is).

Plus, blue is just much more Graceland-y, don't ya think? And also, apparently, Elvis' favorite color. Just so happens, it's mine too.

And so, I've come to the conclusion that cross stitching is totally fun and relaxing. I'm so glad to have rediscovered it. I even picked up some of that pretty brown linen I see everyone using for super cute cross stitching the other day. I sense a new craft a brewin'!

Now I just need to figure out how I'm going to display this one, and then kick back with my peanut butter and banana sandwich, close my eyes and dream of the lush peacock blue drapes and gleaming white furniture of Graceland. Pin It


Ira F. Cummings said...

PB & B is an old stand-by. One of my favorites, actually.

Really, though, Elvis always seemed so weird to me. Like that portrait suggests, he has almost become a religious figure to so many people. Maybe I don't know enough about him, it seems like he the myth was really all people saw of him. I can't say I really understand his allure, but he hardly seems human to me. I imagine that he would be a pretty interesting guy to talk to if you could break through that fa├žade. And if he were alive. Ya know.

beadgirl said...

A neat souvenir! That was one of my favorite things about my long-ago trip to England; so many of the tourist sites and churches and museums sold little cross-stitch and embroidery kits. I had quite a collection by the time I got home.