Wednesday, September 15, 2010

An Empire Strikes Back Birthday: Episode III -- Boba Feta Quiche

We have the cake, we have some Force-strong refreshments, what we need now is something to eat. Preferably something featuring everyone's favorite bounty hunter, Boba Fett.

Boba Fett + feta cheese just seemed like a no brainer.

The hard part was figuring out a way to incorporate that into a party-esque food that could convey Boba Fett. What could I make, a salad? A salad can't have a face. Boo!

So I settled on a quiche, which seemed like it would allow for some artistic food drawing surfaces, ingredients of proper colors, and it could be a nice vegetarian options for the veggie quests.

I, however, am not fond of quiches (it's an egg thing -- I like my eggs mixed into cakes, but not so much other dishes), but that doesn't stop me from making them...especially if I get to draw a bounty hunter in food materials on top!

The green is the spinach of the quiche, the brownish purpley black the kalamata olive tapenade, the red is chopped red peppers (you could do tomatoes, I reckon, but I hate tomoatoes - yuck!), and the white is grated cheese (I think it was swiss? I dunno. Again, quiche. Meh.)

I used this recipe that I found over here, mainly because I liked the idea of the tapenade, of which I am very fond. It was the perfect drawing medium for the darker parts of Boba's mask. I did not taste the finished quiche (again, the quiche/egg thing), so I cannot personally vouch for its yumminess. The tapenade, though, I can say that it is yummy, indeed.

And despite not tasting the finished product, I thought it looked pretty awesome!

Wampa, Yoda, and Boba Fett - check. What various Empire Strikes Back Elements do we have left for the next two posts? You have to check back tomorrow and see!

I can tell you, tomorrow's post -- it's a big one!
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