Friday, September 17, 2010

An Empire Strikes Back Birthday: Episode V -- Various Vader-esque Victuals

Nom, nom, nom! How could a blood thirsty snow creature look so sickeningly cute and sweet?

I reckon when it's really just a re-decorated Halloween ghost Peep, it's kinda hard to look blood thirsty.

With all that piñata busting going on at the big three-oh Empire party, we needed plenty of appropriately themed snacks and food for energy all night long. Sure we had cake and Yoda-ritas (and the less-visually-exciting-and-therefore-unblogged Calrissian Coolers and Lobot-omy shots), but we needed more options, dig?

And so here we are. We're closing out The Empire Strikes Back Party week with a collection of all the various side foods served, complete with their cute little signs (thank you, left over 'Save the Date' paper!).

The Wampa Puffs, as mentioned above, were a moment of spontaneous inspiration whilst spying ghost Peeps in the midst of my regular shopping chores. I simply used some buttercream icing from the cake preparation, and piped on some horns, claws, and a new gaping mouth. So cute! And delicious both fresh from the box, and a few days stale. Mmmm, Peeps!

And of course, we needed some items on the savory side of things, so using this awesome recipe for olive balls, I made these Bossk Balls (and yes, I'm aware of the bathroom humor waving its arms at you there, and I still prefer it to Bossk Bites), named after the infamous reptilian bounty hunter. They did turn out having an eerily Bossk-esque bumpy tan orange texture to them -- worked perfectly!

These were the first thing to disappear, and were really easy to make. I followed the directions exactly, except I drained and patted dry the olives first, and then made the dough using a pastry blender instead of just my hands, which helped homogenize the mix a bit better. And I am so making them again!

Also on the savory side, other than the unpictured Mynock Munchies (sorry - I missed that photo, but it was kettle chips and a homemade french onion dip, and crackers with the tapenade), we had Cuban creole chicken breast Nug-Naughts with Molten Carbonite Mojo (pronounced mo-ho -- a Cuban garlic sauce)!

It seemed only natural to make the only meat-centric dish based on the porcine ugnaughts of Cloud City (though I opted for chicken over the obvious pork, as I've found foul tends to have more takers). I used the recipe for 'masitas de pollo frito' from the 'Memories of a Cuban Kitchen' cookbook. Also a quickly disappearing dish!

And just in case you're looking for a good Cuban cookbook, I highly recommend this one. It's incredibly close to our own family recipes, and gives a lot of good history and information on the foods and culture of Cuba.

And it's not a party with a veggie tray, so I give you Cloud City Crudités with Tibanna Gas Dip! Tibanna Gas Dip, named for the gas mined in Lando's Cloud City, being from my mom's 'catering days' -- a dill veggie dip.

In the background, Zuckuss-tash, a garbanzo bean, corn, and zucchini salad named for the widely (un)known Zuckuss the bounty hunter (I know what you're thinking, 'Who???') that resembles succotash enough to me that I call it that for the sake of a pun.

And yes, the lighting is different, because the sun had gone down at this point. Boo artificial lighting!

If we have a Cloud City veggie dip, how's about a Dagobah fruit dip? A Nutella and cream cheese dip makes a perfect murky, muddy mire of Yoda's home swamp planet. And if you loose your apple, or maybe even an X-Wing fighter, in its murky depths, you can always use the Force to levitate it out of the bog.

And our final exhibit from the ice planet of Hoth are the Tauntaun Bonbons (well, coconut macaroons, really). They were looking for a hiding place from those murderous Wampa Puffs, and we last seen seeking shelter in the bellies of many guests.

These are a favorite family treat anyway, are super simple to make. I liked that they have a hairy, coconut shreddy look to them, kinda like tauntaun fur. I only wish I had dusted them with some powdered sugar to make them snow frosted, but that might have been a bit too cloyingly sweet (and nerdy), perhaps.

And last but not least, my favorite dish that required no preparation on my behalf: Luke and Leia, Brother and Sister Incest Kisses.

Just plain old Hershey's kisses. With a sign.

I distinctly remember seeing Jedi as a kid, and being thoroughly grossed out when I realized Luke and Leia were siblings! I mean, here I was, and for the past three or so years of my life I had been make-believing, acting out my own scenes and pretending all sorts of stories about the love triangle of Han, Luke, and Leia. I knew that Leia kissed Luke, and I knew that kind of kiss she gave him was supposed to be a romantic thing. And then they go and tell me that's her brother? Eeew!

Even a three year old can tell when something is gross and creepy, and kissing your brother, Leia? That's gross and creepy.

See, even Chewbacca is all, 'Whaaaaaaaat!?!?!'

And there you have it! Thus ends the week of An Empire Strikes Back Birthday. I hoped you enjoyed it as much as I did. It was a great way to trun 30, indeed. And I would love to see other folks' inspired creations if they are any -- from piñatas to quiches to Yoda-ritas -- just send them on over!

Thanks for reading this series of blog posts, and as always, may the Force be with you.*

*ahem**cough*NERD*cough* Pin It


Jack Asimov said...

Awesome foodstuffs! love the pinata too. I'm hankering to make one now for my daughter to wreck when she turns 4 (whenever that is).

I nerditized her for school today with her very own Target-brand AT-AT shirt. Have you seen these? Very cute artwork.

you do nice work.

alicia policia said...

Thanks, Jack! I hope you do get to make a piñata for your daughter -- I'd love to see it.

I haven't seen the AT-AT shirts at Target, but I always love it when kids are properly nerditized. : )

Brandon Champion said...